We collaborated with Sprinkle Lab to animate a B2B video for Affirm.
Client: Affirm
Agency: Sprinkle Lab
Director: Brandon Tauszik
Producer: Matty Barnes
Illustrator: Thoka Maer
Animation: Kevin Botka, Anna Grace Botka
Cel Animation: Anna Grace Botka

"We like working with you :-) Appreciate the no nonsense hustle and quality work."
Matty Lynn Barnes
Executive Producer, Sprinkle Lab
Oakland, CA
Under a tight deadline, Sprinkle Lab asks us to make the illustrator's designs come to life in a fun and playful way.
Using playful character animation and making other elements jittery with a stop motion look, we were able to help Affirm communicate their offerings in a fun and exciting way.
Using Photoshop to cel animate the characters and effects inside of After Effects we were able to make the illustrations come to life.