We had the opportunity to work with our friends at Motive to create these rebrand videos for Bank OZK formerly known as Bank of the Ozarks.
Client: Bank OZK
Agency: Motive
Directed by Botka Collective
Executive Producer: Aragorn Fenton
Project Manager: Grace Zakhem
Creative Direction: Ryan Eschenbach
Design: Motive
Pre-visualization: Kevin Botka, Anna Grace Botka
Layout/Blocking/Camera: Anna Grace Botka, Kevin Botka
Lighting/Shading/Compositing: Motive
3D Animation: Kevin Botka, Anna Grace Botka
Character Animation: Anna Grace Botka
Sound Design: Motive
Working with Motive's design team, we were asked to bring print graphics to life for this rebrand campaign.
We were given some existing designs and models and were tasked with creating additional assets to match the style. We were able to create a miniature city and fill it with characters, props and environments, all in the low-poly style. Then, through animation, we were able to bring it all to life.
Using playful pop-up book style animation, we animated on each element in the city.
We filled the city with lots of details, like balloons, trees, streetlamps and fire hydrants to name a few.
We animated characters and animals and smoothly kept the spots flowing with clever transitions.
Everyone involved was very happy with the rebrand. We enjoyed challenging ourselves with increasing the level of detail with this project.