We had the pleasure of illustrating and animating a new theme video with our friends at BibleProject.
Client: BibleProject
Written By: Tim Mackie, Jon Collins
Directed by: Botka, Robert Perez
Head of Story: Tim Mackie, Jon Collins
Creative Direction: Robert Perez
Produced By: Miriam Chesbro, Patrick Ramos
Storyboards: Andrew Imamura, Joshua Espasandin
Illustration: Anna Grace Botka
Animation: Kevin Botka, Anna Grace Botka
Sound Designer: Reed Harvey

"Kevin + Anna Grace produced outstanding work and were a joy to collaborate with. They took extra care in each step of the process to make each frame as beautiful and clear as possible in delivering animation for our script. Working quickly, they delivered every milestone on time or early and were a joy to collaborate with in review cycles. A combo of kind, organized, communicative and artistically talented! Thanks, Botka."
Miriam Chesbro
Director of Studio, BibleProject
Portland, OR