We were brought on board by our friends at Broomstick Engine to design and animate over ten minutes of educational content for a virtual reality game about climbing Mount Everest. It was a big undertaking, but the client loved how everything turned out.
Client: Seeker
Agency: Broomstick Engine Agency
Producer: Yara Khakbaz
Creative Direction: Chad Clendinen
2D Design: Chad Clendinen
3D Design & Animation: Kevin Botka
2D Animation & Compositing: Kevin and Anna Grace Botka
Sound Design: Chad Clendinen
"Kevin and Anna Grace are true professionals. I was very impressed with their animation and 3D design. They care about artistry, story and impact, and it shows in their work. Receptive to feedback, collaborative in nature, speedy and thorough in every aspect of the job. They’re solid and will absolutely elevate your work."
Yara Khakbaz
Producer, Seeker
San Francisco, CA
Working with the VR development team at Seeker, we were tasked with creating educational 360° videos that would be accessed via virtual kiosk in the Everest VR game for Oculus.
Using UI elements, 3D models and lots of graphs, we were able to visualize the facts and history for about 9 minutes of content.
This was an incredibly rewarding project as it combined our love for the outdoors and world of mountaineering with the emerging technology of VR.