We were commissioned by our friends at Colours & Shapes to create concert visuals for the song 'Flagship.' This piece was projected onto five different screens across the stage during the tour.
Client: Amanda Cook
Agency: Colours & Shapes
Directed by Botka Collective
Executive Producer: Gordie Cochran
Producer: Anna Grace Botka
Creative Direction: Kevin and Anna Grace Botka
2D Design: Anna Grace Botka
3D Design: Kevin Botka
Cel Animation: Anna Grace Botka
2D Animation & Compositing: Kevin Botka
3D Animation: Kevin Botka
Original Music: Amanda Cook
"I have used Botka Collective on numerous projects over the years and am always impressed by their focus, speed, quality and flexibility as we move through projects together. Sometimes a brief is littered with ambiguity, and they are great at asking good questions and wrestling things to the ground to ensure they are on the right track. 
At the end of the day, they deliver great results that I have been really happy with and in turn, so have my clients."
Gordie Cochran
Principal, Colours & Shapes
Vancouver, BC
Our friends at Colours & Shapes tasked us with creating concert visuals for Amanda Cook's song 'Flagship.' The challenge? They needed it in under a week.
We modeled the ship in 3D to give us maximum flexibility for our tight deadline. We combined that with hand drawn and textured compositing effects to give the piece an organic, hand drawn look and feel.
Working closely with Colours & Shapes who were designing the stage and doing the live installation, we created an animatic that would fit there screen designs. The concept eventually changed slightly for the final piece, but the overall idea and flow remains.
Our original animatic
The stage mockups from Colours & Shapes
Using 3D allowed us to get realistic water and ship movement as well as dynamic camera moves.
In the end, both our partner Colours & Shapes and Amanda Cook were really excited how the visuals turned out.