We had the opportunity to collaborate with Front Lines Media to provide motion graphics and VFX for this 360° tour of a cryptocurrency mine.
View in Chrome. Use your mouse to pan around the frame.
Client: HIVE Blockchain Technologies
Agency: Front Lines Media
Producer: Jeffrey Prosser
Cinematography: Jeffrey Prosser, Andrew Schundler
Creative Direction: Kevin and Anna Grace Botka
2D Design & Animation: Anna Grace Botka
3D Design & Animation: Kevin Botka
Roto/Paint & Compositing: Kevin and Anna Grace Botka
"A recent project of mine required some complex graphics renderings under a very strenuous deadline. After reaching out to Botka Collective, they tackled it with poise and masterclass efficiency. They are a friendly, efficient and extremely gifted creative unit. Hard to imagine going anywhere else for my motion needs!"

Jeffrey Prosser

Freelance Creative Director
Los Angeles, CA