We teamed up with our friends at Matte Black to create these CG product renders for NatureLab Tokyo.
Client: NatureLab Tokyo
Agency: Matte Black
Executive Producer: Nolan Goff
Animation Directed by Botka Collective
Design, Modeling, Layout: Kevin Botka
3D Rendering: Matt Milstead, Will Fortanbary, Luis Miranda
2D/3D Animation & Compositing: Kevin Botka
Our friends at Matte Black reached out to us because they needed photorealistic images of NatureLab's shampoo and conditioner product for their upcoming marketing videos.
We created photorealistic renders for all of their different hair products and provided dozens of deliverables in different aspect ratios and layouts for various social media channels.
Carefully studying photos of the products, we were able to recreate the products in the computer using NatureLab's label assets and photorealistic lighting and rendering techniques. We also provided tracked 2D label graphics to overlay on top of the live action footage.