Rutgers University's Department of Continuing Studies commissioned us to create a brand film for their program, promoting learning at any age.
Client: Rutgers University Department of Continuing Studies
Directed by Botka Collective
Creative Direction: Kevin & Anna Grace Botka
Illustration: Anna Grace Botka
Character Design/Modeling: Anna Grace Botka
Environment Design/Modeling: Kevin Botka
3D Animation: Kevin & Anna Grace Botka
Compositing: Kevin Botka
Sound Design: Kevin Botka
"Botka Collective maintained excellent communication throughout the project. Kevin and Anna Grace were responsive to every single idea and piece of feedback, no matter how small. They delivered exactly what we wanted, all while staying within the budget and schedule."
Mike Raynes
Marketing Specialist, Rutgers
New Brunswick, NJ​​​​​​​
We were commissioned by Rutgers to create an animated video for their continuing studies program. The brief was open ended and we had full creative freedom.
We designed a story around different groups of people participating in different aspects of their program. Using 3D character animation and hand painted backgrounds, we were able to efficiently create captivating visuals. The client was very excited with the finished piece.
Using digital painting techniques, we combined hand painted elements with 3D models.
We spent time getting the setting and the lighting right to capture a stylized version of New Jersey.
From sketch to final frame.
Final frames from the video.