We are part of the team bringing The Biggest Story Bible Storybook to life. There are 104 videos being created! Below are some of these stories.
We are still hard at work animating this big project. If you want to see more videos as they are released, check out Crossway's website.
Creative Direction: Phil Borst
Written by: Kevin DeYoung 
Artwork: Don Clark
Additional Artwork: Phil Borst
Animation: Anna Grace Botka, Kevin Botka, Phil Borst
Score: Grant Fonda 
Narrated By: Mike Reeves 
Sound Design: Adam Billingham
"I have absolutely loved working with the Botkas on The Biggest Story project. Their attention to detail when it comes to the animation on this project is amazing. I really love the way they are able to bring every scene of the story to life with beautiful animation. They have the incredible ability to take an idea and expand it to something that always exceeds my expectations. This project has had quite a bit of obstacles to overcome but the Botkas have always come through with creative solutions to face any challenge. One of the unique challenges of this project has been the amount of animation needed. Almost 7 hours worth!! To be able to take on this amount of work while keeping an amazingly high level of excellence on each video is truly special. They have made my job as the director incredibly easy and I'm just so thankful to be working with them on this project. Most importantly, they are kind, patient, diligent, humble and are really great to work with."
Phil Borst
Creative Director
Wheaton, IL