We were approached by creative producer Dan Stevers to create a "beautiful, abstract piece about thankfulness." After being handed a script and voice over, we set off to create visuals using a variety of techniques.
Client: Dan Stevers
Directed by Botka Collective 
Producer: Dan Stevers
Written and Narrated by Sh’maya
Creative Direction: Kevin and Anna Grace Botka
Illustration: Kevin and Anna Grace Botka
Cel Animation: Anna Grace Botka
2D Animation & Compositing: Kevin Botka
3D Animation: Kevin Botka
Original Music: Benjamin Gustafsson
Mix: MadSam Studios
"I set the bar high for Botka Collective and they still managed to exceed my expectations. Kevin and Anna Grace are great people, wonderful collaborators, and gifted artists."
Dan Stevers
Media Producer, DanStevers.com
San Diego, CA
Producer Dan Stevers approached us to create visuals for his poem. The brief was open ended and we had full creative freedom.
With the audio track as our guide we concepted, storyboarded, designed and animated this piece. Dan's expectations were exceeded and we were able to experiment with new techniques.
Combining 3D and hand drawn animation, we were able to create unique visuals that fit the abstract nature of the piece.